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Battle of the Books




The Alaska Association of School Librarians sponsored the 28th year of the state-wide Battle of the Books with the goals of engaging students' interest and motivation in reading.

The program provides a platform upon which teachers are able to guide student gains in reading comprehension. Students select and read 12 to 15 fiction and non-fiction books, discuss them, answer quiz questions, and finally compete against other teams in the district.
Students faced each over videoconference and engaged in battle for the first round in November. In February, the teams will battle again, with the team with the most points representing Kuspuk School District in the state-wide battle at the end of February. A special thanks is extended to Christy Zimmerman, who has helped immensely with coordination, preparation of materials for the district battle, and keeping scores.
Click HERE for more information from the state Battle of the Books website. There are new books lists to choose from each year.