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    Kuspuk School District Announcement

    Superintendent Sue Johnson Evaluation Summary and Contract



    On February 2, 2016 The Kuspuk School District Board of Education voted

    unanimously to extend Superintendent Johnson’s contract through 2018. All aspects

    of the contract shall remain the same with no increase in salary. The Board did

    approve the addition of four vacation days. Prior to contract discussions the Board

    conducted the annual evaluation of the superintendent and collaboratively

    established the District’s 2017 goals.


    The Board rated Superintendent Johnson effective in working toward

    implementation of the District Strategic Plan.

     Increasing Academic Performance

     Increasing Community and Parental Involvement

     Increasing Regional Partnerships

     Eliminating Bullying

     Integrating Alaska Native Culture Throughout the Kuspuk School District


    2017 Board-Superintendent Goals:

    1. Using a variety of methods to increase community and staff communication.

    2. Development and implementation of a district-wide proactive maintenance and

    operations plan.

    3. Full implementation of the district-wide supervision and evaluation model.

    4. Seeking alternative funding sources and solutions to provide educational

    opportunities for students.

    5. Increase academic expectations and opportunities.


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    KSD High Resolution Photo


    On February 5th Board member Harvey Hoffman, Community Engagement

    Advocates Carrie Longpre’ of Aniak, Teresa Hunter from Chuathbaluk and Vivan

    Sakar of Crooked Creek and Supt. Sue Johnson attended the AASB Community ICE

    Grant training in Juneau. The training focused on building and supporting

    community activities. Kuspuk School District sites have been awarded grant funds

    to develop plans for their communities.


    February 6th through 10th Board members Harvey Hoffman Taylor Hayden, Supt. Sue

    Johnson, Board Student Representative Cally Phillips, George Morgan Sr. High

    School senior Miaya Sherpa and Aniak Tribal Council member Daisy Phillips

    attended the AASB Legislative Fly-In. During the meetings Governor Bill Walker

    shared that education is his top priority. He also wishes to empower local control,

    modernize education as well as recruit and maintain outstanding educators. He

    concluded his remarks by stating that Alaska’s greatest resource is its children.

    Department of Education Commissioner Hanley and Dr. Susan McCauley encouraged

    Board members and Superintendent’s to be, “the voice of support and advocacy for

    public education.”


    On February 8th and 9th Cally, Miaya, Daisy, Havey, Taylor and I had the opportunity

    to meet with Rep. Herron, Edgmon, and Sen. Hoffman to lobby for sustained

    broadband services for our region, a solid long-range fiscal approach to government

    and to maintain the minimum 10 student enrollment of schools.


    I am proud of the amazing job Cally and Miaya did representing the needs of our


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