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Auntie Mary Nicoli Elementary School


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    Staff Directory

    Julia Boynton

    Titles: 5th Grade Teacher

    Francis Buenaventura

    Titles: Special Education Teacher

    Dave Cannon

    Titles: Bus Driver

    Jodi Darling

    Titles: 3rd Grade Teacher

    Emerie Fairbanks

    Titles: Kindergarten Teacher

    Byron Fischer

    Titles: Pre-School Teacher

    Margaret Fitka

    Titles: Instructional Aide

    Larissa Heckathorn

    Titles: 4th Grade Teacher

    Julia Kellla

    Titles: Instructional Aide

    Jay Mojello

    Titles: 2nd Grade Teacher

    Okalena Morgan

    Titles: 1st Grade Teacher

    Charlotte Phillips

    Titles: School Secretary

    Allison Simeon

    Titles: Instructional Aide

    Rebecca Stallworth

    Titles: Principal

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