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Board Packet October 8, 2019

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    Board Meeting Notice

    Approval of Agenda: October 8, 2019

    Approval of Minutes: September 3, 2019 Regular Meeting and September 5, 2019 Special Board Meeting

    Board Vice-President Report - Wayne Morgan

    Public Comments Regarding Agenda/Non-Agenda Items: 

    Approval of FY20 Contract(s):

    a) FY20 Contract Offerings: Alba N. Aviles, Science, GMSHS/Kalskag; Brenda Dailey, K-5, GMS/Stony River

    District Reports:

    Superintendent: Bernard Grieve

    Business Manager: Martha Morgan

    Maintenance & Operations: Jeromy Hoeldt

    Principals: S. GardnerS. LemmertG. Kelly

    Curriculum Director: Emily Vanderpool

    Director of Special Ed: Madeline Aguillard

    MKEA Teacher Rep: Emerie Fairbanks

    Student Rep: Desirae Morgan

    Board Member(s): 

    Old Business:

    AASB 2019 Call for Resolutions (see entire document on - Discussion

    AASB Annual Conference (travel day, meeting day, etc.)

    New Business: 

    1. Board Recognition Awards:

    • Earl Morgan, Hank Aloysius Sr, Michelle Samuelson, Mary Jane Nicholi, James Gregory; Nick Kameroff, Hallie Peacock, Ria Pavil, Christina McElwee, Bria Pavil, Elric Heckathorn; Sleetmute JESS Cross Country Meet Volunteers; Clean Up of GMS, Stony River: Alice Willis, Johnny Gusty, Nels Gusty, Dean Lindstrom, Sharon Lemmert, David Bobby; and Dwayne Hoffman
    • Nominations for Board Certificates of Recognition

    2. BP/AP/E 6174.1 Education of Native/Indian Children; Indian Policies & Procedures

    General Communications:

    a. 2019 AASB 66th Annual Conference Information & AASB Youth Leadership Institute Agenda

    b. KSD FY20 Budget Acceptance Letter from DEED

    Time & Place of Next Meeting - Time, Date, & Location TBD Nov X, 2019