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Board Packet March 10, 2020

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    Board Meeting Notice

    Approval of Agenda: March 10, 2020

    Approval of Minutes: February 18, 2020

    1. Board President Report - Harvey Hoffman - Condolences

    2. Board Presentation: AJSHS, Jodi Darling and Megan Leary

    AJSHS Student Government’s Presentation at TKC’s Middle Kuskokwim Gathering

    3. Public Comments Regarding Agenda/Non-Agenda Items: 

    4. Executive Session for Administrative Matters

    District Reports:

    Superintendent: Bernard Grieve

    Business Manager: Martha Morgan

    Maintenance & Operations: Jeromy Hoeldt

    Principal Kalskag Schools: S. Gardner

    Principal UpRiver Schools: S. Lemmert

     Principal Aniak Schools: G. Kelly

    Director of Curriculum & Instruction: Emily Vanderpool

    Director of Special Ed: Madeline Aguillard

    MKEA Teacher Rep: Emerie Fairbanks

    Student Rep: Desirae Morgan

    Board Member(s): 

    Old Business:

    1. Superintendent Search

    2. 2020-21 School District Calendars

    3. Policy Review Committee - Series 4000 - 2nd Reading/Action

    BP 4020 Drug, Tobacco & Alcohol-Free Workplace

    BP 4112.61 Employment References

    BP 4119.25 Political Activities of Employees

    BP 4132 Publication or Creation of Materials

    BP 4313.1 Load/Scheduling/Hours of Employment

    New Business: 

    1. Board Recognition Awards

    • Presentation of Board Certificates of Recognition: Leslie Boelens; Tim Zaukar; Susan Hubbard; Henry Fryer; Denise Peterson; Judy Hager; Ulrika Doederlein; Donald Eldridge; Jodi Darling; Galen Kelly; Larissa Heckathorn; Gretchen Kelly; Ashley Morgan Jeanette Hoffman; Jenny Nicoli; Martha Morgan; Emerie Fairbanks; David Matson; Briana Johnson; Ryan Willis & M&O Dept.
    • Nominations for Board Certificates of Recognition

    2.  Policy Review Committee, Series 5000, 1st Reading

    BP 5030 School Discipline and Safety

    BP 5040 Nutrition

    BP 5124 Communication with Parents/Guardians

    BP 5131 Student Conduct

    BP 5132 Dress and Grooming

    BP 5137 Positive School Climate

    BP 5147 Drop Out Prevention

    General Communications:

    a. State of Alaska Division of Elections Order & Notice of Election; Letter re: School Board Election info/dates

    Time & Place of Next Meeting - Tues. April 14, 2020, 10:00am, District Office

    Work Session Follows Board Meeting

    1. Discussion: (Additional Positions)
      1. Student Services/PowerSchool Registrar
      2. Counselors for Upriver, Kalskag, Aniak
      3. Additional Lead Teacher - Aniak
    1. Discussion: (Tyler Technologies) Business Office System