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Board Packet January 14, 2020

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    Board Meeting Notice

    Approval of Agenda: January 14, 2020

    Approval of Minutes: December 10, 2019

    Board President Report - Harvey Hoffman

    Presentations to the Board: EXCEL Alaska

    Public Comments Regarding Agenda/Non-Agenda Items: 

    Approval of FY20 Contract: Anna Marquardt, Language Arts, AJSHS, Aniak

    Approval of FY20 Resignation(s): Noble Jennette, Language Arts, GMSHS, Kalskag; Sue Macy Pre-K-2 SpEd, JOGES, Kalskag

    District Reports:

    Superintendent: Bernard Grieve

    Business Manager: Martha Morgan

    Curriculum Director: Emily Vanderpool

    Upriver Principal: Sharon Lemmert

    Board Member(s): 

    Old Business:

    Policy Review Committee - Series 0000 and Series 1000 - 2nd Reading

    a. BP 0420 School Based Management/Site Councils

    b. BP 1000 Concepts & Roles

    c. BP 1311 Participation in Community Life

    d. BP 1312 Public Complaints Concerning the Schools

    e. BP 1312.1 Public Complaints Concerning School Personnel

    f. BP 1312.2 Public Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials

    g. BP 1312.3Public Complaints Concerning Discrimination

    New Business: 

    Board Recognition Awards

    1. Presentation of Board Certificates of RecognitionKalskag Grizzlies & Coaches; Martin Paul; Mika Levi
    2. Nominations for Board Certificates of Recognition

    2020-21 School District Calendars

    ANSEP AVCP Middle School Academy

    Board/Superintendent Evaluation

    Policy Review Committee 1st Reading

    1. BP 1400 Relations Between Other Governmental Agencies & the Schools 
    2. BP 3515.5 Restrictions on Sex Offenders on Campus
    3. BP 3541.1 School Related Trips
    4. BP 3550 Food Service
    5. BP 4000 All Personnel Concepts & Roles

    General Communications:


    Time & Place of Next Meeting - Tues. Feb. 11, 2020, 10:00am, District Office