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    Student Opportunities 
    EXCEL 7 Introduction to Leadership 

    (4 days). As an introduction to EXCEL Alaska, 7th grade students will participate in a 4-day/ 3-night Leadership Skills immersion that will help them succeed far into the future. Students will leave EXCEL 7 with improved communication skills, teamwork skills, and tools build relationships with a variety of people.

    EXCEL 8 Leadership Essentials

    (4 days). 8th grade students will build on the communication and teamwork skills they learned in EXCEL 7 and learn essential consensus-building techniques, as well as how to motivate each other. They will build long- lasting friendship and set themselves up for success far into the future.

    EXCEL 9 Communication / Career Exploration 

    (6 days). Students in 9th grade will explore a variety of career paths through interactive field trips and job tours. They begin building a Personal Learning Career Plan aligned the Alaska Career and Technical Education Plan proposed by the Department of Labor.

    EXCEL 10 Corporation / Leadership

    (10 days). 10th grade students take an in-depth look at the structure of business and participate in a simulated corporation.  Students will apply for a specific position within the corporation, be interviewed for the job, and carry out the duties of the position during the10 days.  They will  job-shadow in a career of interest and learn valuable life & employability skills such as budgeting, time- management, teamwork and problem solving.

    EXCEL 11 High-growth Industry Exploration

    (10 days) 11th & 12th grade students spend 10 days test-driving Alaska’s high-growth industries such as construction, mining, oil & gas, healthcare, transportation, and hospitality & tourism.  All learning activities will be geared toward a specific industry.

    EXCEL 12 Transitions / Independent Living

    (10 days)  12th grade students will practice real-life, independent living for the entire 10 days, including building a budget, renting an apartment, buying & cooking their own food, as well as learning how to purchase a vehicle. They apply for post-secondary schools, financial aid, and scholarships.



    Summer XL

    (4 Weeks) - up to 3 college credits  Work Keys, ACT and SAT Exam preparation and post secondary planning and guidance. Students choose a focus in culinary arts, construction trades, civil construction, or Emergency Trauma Technician (ETT).   

    Camp Kick Ash 

    (23 days)Fire Fighter Internship Certification and Emergency Trauma Technician Training. Hands on training

    Academic Decathlon

    (4 days) Competition in Math, Science, Speech, Essay, Social Studies, Keyboarding, Constructive Engineering, Super Quiz, iMovie Design, and other fun academic, craft and sports activities. Awards, Medals, and peer interaction.

    Kuskokwim Sky Rider Ground School 

    (23 days)   Introduction to Aviation and preparation for the FAA Ground School Test with support through the process. Two 30 min. introductory flight lessons. FAA certification (pending outcome)

    Math Science Expedition 

    (10 days) Fish Biology, Scientific Process, CPR / First Aid Mathematics along with leadership and team building skills in a remote wilderness setting in Western Alaska.

    Camp Kick Ash II

    (23 days)  Part 2 of the first camp. EMT I Preparation. Focus is on State Certification. 3 college credits. Twice the challenge as the first camp twice the learning.

    Heavy Equipment Camp 

    (14 days) Training on Front End Loaders, fork lifts, excavators, and bulldozer simulators. Includes NCCER certification Level 1 in Heavy Equipment Operations.

    Welding Camp 

    (14 days) Training introductory welding experiences in oxygen- acetylene cutting and other oxy-fuel processes. Experiences in welding joint designs. Includes NCCER certification Level I in Welding.

    Construction Camp 

    (14 days)   Beginning Construction Class.  Student learn industry-specific knowledge and techniques.  They learn to read blueprints, measure accurately, use tools safely.   Includes floor, wall, ceiling and roof framing and window installation. Includes NCCER certification CORE and 3 college credits.



EXCEL Alaska

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