Science Photo 15 Upriver Science Fair winners Yellow Star

                       Held in Crooked Creek, Dec. 1st and 2nd, 2015

4-6th Grade Division

1st Place - Shaylene Spein - CHU
     "Freezing and Melting of Water”
2nd Place - James Zaukar - CKD
     “Lemon & Orange Save Apple”
3rd Place - Peter John - CKD
     "Project X - Effect of weight on the flight distance”
7-8th Grade Division
1st Place - Katerina Waskey and Eric Gusty - SRV
     "Dolly Varden”
2nd Place - Chelsea Zaukar - SLQ
3rd Place - Joe Levi - CKD
     “Investigating 3 different Paper Airlines”
9-12th Grade Division
1st Place - Tatianna Morgan - CHU
     "Melting Ice Below Freezing”
2nd Place - Madison Mellick and Alfreda Gregory - SLQ
     “Is it Really Clean?”
3rd Place - Tyrel Gusty - SRV
     "Coho Salmon Research"