June 3 through June 30, 2018

    • Vocational Training.  Students can choose from the following options
      • Carpentry / NCCER Core
      • Welding
      • ETT / Firefighting
      • Aviation (by invite only)
      • Certified Nurses Assistant (by invite only) 
    Click HERE to Download the Application (for Carpentry/NCCER Core or Welding or ETT/Firefighting)
    Click HERE to Download the Packing List


    • WHO: Alaska students grade 9-12
    • WHAT: Summer XL program (28 days of relevant and intensive hand-on learning)
    • WHERE: Alaska Vocational Technical Center (Seward)
    • WHEN: June 3rd - June 30th, 2018
    • WHY: To promote the growth of Alaska’s future workforce 
    • Credit Recovery -- Students can obtain 0.5 credits in HS Math or HS English.
      • English - The goal of this course is to provide you with the strategies necessary to master all levels and types of reading for school and for the workplace. This class is organized so that you can succeed if you carry out the assignments.  In other words, anyone can build their reading skills if they will put the time and concentration into it.  To do well at college-level work, you have to have quite good reading skills, including how to build your vocabulary and your comprehension. This course will also help you improve your skills for any writing that you do.  We will be doing a lot of work on sentence construction and grammar.  The purpose of this is to build your mechanical skills in writing so that you will be able to write papers that meet the expectations of your instructors. 
      • Math -- Algebra I - thoroughly covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of real numbers including exponents, square roots, and order of operation. Students will also understand properties of real numbers, simplifying expressions, solving linear equations, solving for slope when given two points and creating  linear equations in y-intercept form.  Algebra II requires a solid foundation in elementary algebra. It includes sets of inequalities and interval notation, absolute value equations and inequalities, graphs of equations, functions of graphs, graphing and solving linear and quadratic functions, solving systems of equations using substitution and elimination method, solving applied problems using two equations and two variables, factoring trinomials, and applications of polynomial equations and functions.  College Prep Math -- A 35-hour intensive review of math concepts. Covers pre algebra and elementary algebra topics to prepare qualified students to potentially improve their math course placement. Students should have a history of being successful in equivalent levels of math, although they may not recall enough information to place well on the placement test. Students who are successful in this class have the possibility of advancing through one or two semesters of development math. Prerequisites: Placement into DEVM F054 or DEVM F055. 
    • Career /Transition Planning – Students  will work specifically on career placement and transition planning, including post-secondary readiness preparation, job shadowing, job interviewing practice, budgeting lessons, financial aid and scholarship opportunities.  PLCP will be developed.  Students will also explore careers utilizing AKCIS and local businesses in the Soldotna / Kenai area.
    • Drivers Education – We will taylor to your needs.  Whether you are looking to just obtaining a State ID, AK Drivers Permit, Provisional AK Drivers Permit, or a AK Drivers License.  Those with a permit in hand can participate in 6 hours of actual driving experience and take the DMV drivers test.
    • Employability/Leadership/Soft Skills Training – Students will participate in activities focused on communication, teamwork , problem-solving ,consensus building, time management,work ethic, safety and self-discipline.


Summer XL