• Classroom & Leadership Strategies  


    Ways to Address Cyberbullying 

    1) designing a school-wide Cyberbullying Prevention and Awareness Plan 

    2) carefully investigating observed or reported cyberbullying 

    3) disciplining those who do not use the Internet responsibly (within legal boundaries) 

    4) communicating effectively with parents about online safety issues

    5) improving School Climate - which will decrease all types of Bullying

    Ideas for the School-Wide Plan to address CyberBullying

    • all-school meetings

    • guest presenter (troopers, Superintendent, tribal leader, etc)

    • presentations at parent nights

    • Public Service Announcements

    • curriculum resources to teach Internet responsibility 

         www.commonsensemedia.org/educators     www.cyberbullying.us.org 

    • flyers to send home

    • continually communicating with students on an personal level about responsible Internet use.