• SC 11 SD1.2

    Gizmos correlated to Science GLE’s
    SC Level 11
    Gizmo – www.explorelearning.com

    Rock Cycle
    Water Cycle

    **ILP or class Performance Task or Senior Project – score with a scoring guide or Scientific Process Checklist

    AIMS Earth Book
    Accounting for Water (Accounting for Water booklet) page 1-9
    Accounting for Water booklet page 7-8
    Hydrosphere booket page 9-13
    Uses for Water page 14-20
    Shake and Suds (Hard Water booklet) page 21-28
    Hard Water booklet page 27
    Sea Salt page 29-37
    The Water Scale (Thermocline booklet) page 38-46
    Thermocline booklet page 45-46
    Temperature Layers of the Ocean (Activity cards) page 47-54
    Temperature Layers of the Ocean Activity cards page 51
    Down to the Sea page 55-61
    Vertical Ocean Currents (Ocean Motion booklet) page 62-68
    Ocean Motion booklet page 62
    Horizontal Ocean Currents page 69-74
    Colorful Currents page 80

    COMPASS LEARNING High School Level 
    Life and the Cycles that Affect Life (water, carbon, nitrogen cycles)
    Energy in an Ecosystem

    COMPASS LEARNING for Struggling readers
    (NOTE TO STAFF: check for relevance to topic)
    Water Cycle 10109
    Formation of Rocks 399, 447
    Earth’s Natural Resources 752, 467
    People/Earth Interaction 232
    Amount of Water 3552, 3553
    Solid Earth 10110
    Weathering and Erosion 34012, 34002, 3555, 3554
    Amount of Water 3352, 3553