SC 11 SA1.2

(NOTE TO STAFF: allow time for students to do multiple test trials in order to revise own explanations and models)
**ILP or Class Performance Task

AIMS Chemistry Matters
Make Room for Me! Page 22-30
Messing with Mixtures page 49-57
Involving Dissolving page 65-70
Watch it Burn (The Candle Flame Exposed booklet) page 71-86
Kool Kups page 87-91
Feel the Heat page 103-110
Flipping Over Ice Cream page 111-117
Selective Service page 128-138
Reactions page 174-184

AIMS Magnificent Microworld Adventures 
Life in Glass Houses (Spinning Tale-Model Movement of Protozoa [craft connection]) page 187-203
Molecules on the Move page 135-141

AIMS Earth Book 
Shake and Suds (Hard Water booklet) page 21-28
Hard Water booklet page 27
Quake Quest (Epicenter of earthquake activity) page 109-120
Finding Faults with Food page 121-129
Tri to Analyze Soil page 253-259
Layers of Our Atmosphere (cue cards & Atmosphere booklet) page 260-269
Layers of Our Atmosphere Cue Cards page 263
Atmosphere booklet page 268-269
Air Stations page (Learning Logs & experiment cards) 270-282
Learning Logs page 274-275
Experiment cards page 276-277
Fronting the Weather (forecasting fronts) page 316-328
Fronting the Weather booklet page 320-323
Sunsational Changes page 329-335
Worldwide Highs page 336-345
Heating of Land and Water booklet page 346
The Great Moderator page 347-353
Hurricanes and Thunderstorms booklet page 354-356
Hurricanes page 357-371
Earth Changes booklet page 372
Modeling Rivers (Earth Changes booklet) page 373-378
Soil Tables (Soaking It booklet) page 379-387
Soaking It booklet page 385

(Scientific Processes)
Working in the Physical Science Lab
Scientific Processing

COMPASS LEARNING for Struggling readers
Conduct an Experiment 6817
Variables in an Experiment 6857
Elements in an Investigation 6821
Collecting and Displaying 6823
Proving Scientific Experiments 6831
Safety Procedures 6825
Ethics in Science 6827
Identify the Problem 5644, 5645
Plan the Experiment 5646, 5647
Conduct Scientific Experiments 5648, 5649
Collect and Organize Data 5650, 6751
Record Observations 5652, 5653
Unexpected Findings 5580, 5654, 5655
Control Groups in Experiments 5656, 5657
Time Line of Scientific Events 5658, 5659
Questioning Strategies 519, 140, 142
Simple Experiments 143
Displaying Data 565
Long-Term Investigations 521, 550