• SC 9 SG2.1


    (NOTE TO STAFF: Lead with conversations of the accuracy of data when an experiment is repeated (3 times). Allow time for multiple tests.) Tie SG2.1 to SG 3.1 (Revise a personal idea when presented with experimental/observational data inconsistent with that personal idea [e.g., the rates of falling bodies of different masses])

    AIMS Chemistry Matters

    It’s a Matter of Stuff and Space (Solids, Liquids and Gases, Oh Why? Booklet) page 11-21

    Make Room for Me! Page 22-30

    Chromatographic Circles (Chromatographic Colors booklet) page 40-48

    Messing with Mixtures page 49-57

    Messing with Metals page 58-64

    Involving Dissolving page 65-70

    Watch it Burn (The Candle Flame Exposed booklet) page 71-86

    Kool Kups page 87-91

    Product Testing page 92-102

    Feel the Heat page 103-110

    Flipping Over Ice Cream page 111-117

    Change Matters page 118-127

    Selective Service page 128-138

    Butter Battle page 139-144

    Balancing Bottles page 145-150

    Curds and Weigh page 151-156

    Block Busters (Block Busters booklet) page 157-164

    Block Busters booklet page 160-163

    Good Indication page 165-173

    Reactions page 174-184

    Mystery Reactions page 185-196-84

    AIMS Magnificent Microworld Adventures

    Onion Rings page 95-100

    Cheek to Cheek page 101-106

    Dead Centers page 117-122

    Preparing a Wet Mount Slide of Cork Cells page 120

    The Green Machine page 123-126

    Preparing a Wet Mount Slide of an Elodea Leaf (may substitute leaf) page 126

    The Green Machine ll page 129-134

    Molecules on the Move page 135-141

    Making a Hay Infusion page 143-147

    Preparing for a Study of Protozoa page 149-151

    The Pickle Jar Aquarium page 153-159

    Dropping in on Protozoa page 161-169

    The Hanging Drop page 171-175

    Moving in on Protozoa (Protozoa info. sheet) page 177-185

    Life in Glass Houses (Spinning Tale-Model Movement of Protozoa [craft connection]) page 187-203

    Spinning Tale (Model Movement of Protozoa [craft connection]) page 196-199

    A Pretty Rotten Time page 205-211

    Algae – The Food Factory page 213-218

    Blood page 219-226

    A Fish Tale page 227-231

    At the Heart of Daphnia page 233-240

    Moby Pink page 241-250

    A Complete Package (Epidermis of Leaf info. sheet) page 251-257

    AIMS Earth Book

    Shake and Suds (Hard Water booklet) page 21-28

    Hard Water booklet page 27

    Quake Quest (Epicenter of earthquake activity) page 109-120

    Tri to Analyze Soil page 253-259

    Layers of Our Atmosphere (cue cards & Atmosphere booklet) page 260-269

    Layers of Our Atmosphere Cue Cards page 263

    Atmosphere booklet page 268-269

    Air Stations page (Learning Logs & experiment cards) 270-282

    Learning Logs page 274-275

    Experiment cards page 276-277

    Worldwide Highs page 336-345

    Sunsational Changes page 329-335

    The Great Moderator page 347-353

    Hurricanes and Thunderstorms booklet page 354-356

    Hurricanes page 357-371

    Earth Changes booklet page 372

    Modeling Rivers (Earth Changes booklet) page 373-378

    Soil Tables (Soaking It booklet) page 379-387

    Soaking It booklet page 385


    AIMS Electrical Connections

    Atoms page 1-7

    Static Strokes page 8-13

    Static Strokes Extension Activity page 38-39

    Different Strokes page 14-20

    Balance Your Charge Account page 21-26

    Nature’s Light and Sound Show (Lightening comic strip & Sequencing Activity) page 27-37

    Lightening comic Strip page 35-36

    Lightening Sequencing Activity page 37

    Sparky’s Light Kit page 40-44

    Path Finders page 45-52

    Circuit Quiz Boards page 53-57

    Fiddling with Filaments (Who Turned on the Light booklet) page 58-66

    Who Turned on the Light booklet page 62-63

    Conductor or Insulator page 67-73

    Make a Dimmer Switch page 74-80

    Make a Switch booklet) page 81-86

    Circuit Breakers page 87-91

    Electric Circuits page 92-97

    Short Cuts page 98-103

    Put Your Name in Lights page 104-107

    The Electromagnetic Connection page 108-112

    Make a Galvanometer! Page 113-116

    How to Make an Electric Motor page 117-123

    Electromagnets page 124-136

    Biographies page 137-147

    Charging in Time page 148-150

    Problem-Solving Activities for Challenge and Assessment page 159

    COMPASS LEARNING for Struggling readers

    Conduct an Experiment 6817

    Variables in an Experiment 6857

    Elements in an Investigation 6821

    Collecting and Displaying 6823

    Proving Scientific Experiments 6831

    Identify the Problem 5644, 5645

    Plan the Experiment 5646, 5647

    Conduct Scientific Experiments 5648, 5649

    Collect and Organize Data 5650, 6751

    Record Observations 5652, 5653

    Unexpected Findings 5580, 5654, 5655

    Control Groups in Experiments 5656, 5657

    Time Line of Scientific Events 5658, 5659

    Questioning Strategies 519, 140, 142

    Simple Experiments 143

    Displaying Data 565

    Long-Term Investigations 521, 550