SC 8 SB3.2

Harcourt Science Readers
Invisible but Important: The World of Atoms, Grade 6 OL book 12 (blue book)
pgs 4-5, 15, 16

Gizmos correlated to Science GLE’s
SC Level 8
Gizmo –

Bohr Model of Hydrogent
Bohr Model: Introduction
Covalent Bonds
Dehydration Synthesis
Ionic Bonds
Limiting Reactants

AIMS Chemistry Matters 
(NOTE TO STAFF: charts/cue cards are used to explore atom models)
Fabulous Periodic Eggs (Periodic Table and Elements Info.) page 197-205
Periodic Table and Elements Info. page 204
It’s Elemental, My Dear (Periodic Table of Elements Chart) page 205-214
Periodic Chart page 213
Black Boxes page 215-219
Modeling Atoms (Periodic Table of Elements Chart) page 220-228
Periodic Table of Elements Chart page 225
Elements Cards page 229-235

District Performance Task
Suggested Prompt: Class uses the AIMS experiments, Brain pop, or Gizmo to learn about atoms and bonds. The student displays the information or presents information to an audience. (chart, booklet, powerpoint, bulletin board, oral presentation, etc.)