• SC 8 SB4.2

    Harcourt Science Readers
    The Nature of Motion, Grade 6, OL Book 16 (blue book) pgs. 2-16

    Gizmos correlated to Science GLE’s
    SC Level 8
    Gizmo – www.explorelearning.com

    Charge Launcher

    AIMS Chemistry Matters
    It’s a Matter of Stuff and Space (Solids, Liquids and Gases, Oh Why? Booklet) page 11-21
    Make Room for Me! Page 22-30
    Chromatographic Circles (Chromatographic Colors booklet) page 40-48
    Messing with Mixtures page 49-57
    Messing with Metals page 58-64
    Involving Dissolving page 65-70
    Watch it Burn (The Candle Flame Exposed booklet) page 71-86
    Kool Kups page 87-91
    Product Testing page 92-102
    Feel the Heat page 103-110
    Flipping Over Ice Cream page 111-117
    Change Matters page 118-127
    Selective Service page 128-138
    Butter Battle page 139-144
    Curds and Weigh page 151-156
    Block Busters (Block Busters booklet) page 157-164
    Block Busters booklet page 160-163
    Good Indication page 165-173
    Reactions page 174-184
    Mystery Reactions page 185-196-84

    AIMS Earth Book 
    Shake and Suds (Hard Water booklet) page 21-28
    Hard Water booklet page 27
    Sea Salt page 29-37
    Colorful Currents page 80
    Cool Crystals (Igneous Rock info. sheet) page 245-252
    Igneous Rock info. sheet page 249
    Tri to Analyze Soil page 253-259

    COMPASS LEARNING for Struggling readers
    Law of Magnetism 6875
    Natural Magnetic Mineral 6873
    Electromagnetism 6879
    Electromagnets 6881
    Construct an Electromagnet 6883
    Electricity from Magnetism 6887
    Electric Generators 6889
    Force, Motion, and Friction 6867
    Laws of Motion 6871
    Force to an Object 771, 769
    Machines Effect on Force 747, 381
    Kinetic and Potential Energy 6819