• SC 7 SC2.1

    Harcourt Science Readers
    Building Blocks of Life, Grade 6, OL Book 1 (blue book) pgs. 2-3, 15-16

    Gizmos correlated to Science GLE’s
    SC Level 7
    Gizmo – www.explorelearning.com

    Cell Structure

    AIMS Magnificent Microworld Adventures
    Microscope Skills page 5-16
    Antony van Leeuwenhoek page 17-18
    Homemade Microscopes (Antony van Leeuwenhoek and His Microscopes booklet) page 19-26
    Antony van Leeuwenhoek and His Microscopes booklet page 22-23
    Mealworms Under Glass page 27-35
    Night Crawlers (Night Crawlers info.) page 36-45
    Night Crawlers info. sheets page 42-43
    Jumping Jacks page (grasshoppers) page 47-53
    Sea Stars page (Sea Stars info.) 53-62
    Sea Stars info. sheets page 58-59
    Robert Hooke page 63-64
    A Focus on Scopes page 65-72
    Parts of Various Microscopes page 67-, 69, 70
    The Enormous “e” page 73-82
    Preparing a Wet Mount Slide page 79-80
    Eyes on Observation (coins & animal/plant cells) page 83-93
    Mattias Schleiden and Theodor Schwann page 93
    Onion Rings page 95-100
    Cheek to Cheek page 101-106
    The Cell as a Factory (Animal Cell appendix booklet & Plant Cell Pamphlet) page 107-115
    Animal Cell appendix booklet page 110-111 
    Plant Cell Pamphlet page 112-113
    The Cell as a Factory (Art connection – making a cube) page 114
    Dead Centers page 117-122
    Preparing a Wet Mount Slide of Cork Cells page 120
    The Green Machine page 123-126
    Preparing a Wet Mount Slide of an Elodea Leaf (may substitute leaf) page 126
    The Green Machine ll page 129-134
    Molecules on the Move page 135-141
    Making a Hay Infusion page 143-147
    Preparing for a Study of Protozoa page 149-151
    The Pickle Jar Aquarium page 153-159
    Dropping in on Protozoa page 161-169
    The Hanging Drop page 171-175
    Moving in on Protozoa (Protozoa info. sheet) page 177-185
    Protozoa info. sheet page 181
    Life in Glass Houses (Spinning Tale-Model Movement of Protozoa [craft connection]) page 187-203
    Spinning Tale (Model Movement of Protozoa [craft connection]) page 196-199
    A Pretty Rotten Time page 205-211
    Algae – The Food Factory page 213-218
    Blood page 219-226
    A Fish Tale page 227-231
    At the Heart of Daphnia page 233-240
    Moby Pink page 241-250
    Blepharisma info. Sheet page 246-247
    A Complete Package (Epidermis of Leaf info. sheet) page 251-257
    Epidermis of Leaf info. sheet page 254

    Harcourt Science Vocab Cards 6