• SC 7 SC1.1

    Harcourt Science Readers
    Building Blocks of Life, Grade 6, OL Book 1 (blue book) pgs. 6-11, 19-20

    The Remarkable Lives of Plants, Grade 6 OL Book 3 (blue book) pgs 2-9, 15, 16

    Gizmos correlated to Science GLE’s
    SC Level 7
    Gizmo – www.explorelearning.com

    Evolution: Mutation and Selection
    Human Evolution – Skull Analysis
    Natural Selection

    Cell Division

    COMPASS LEARNING for Struggling readers
    (NOTE TO STAFF: not sure lessons use the terms “sexual and asexual reproduction”)
    Reproduction of a Plant 5565, 5566
    Reproduction of Non-seed Plant (fern, spores) 5573, 5574
    Life Cycle of a Plant 5567, 5568