• SC 7 SB1.1

    Harcourt Science Readers
    Boil, Burn, Break Down: How Matter Changes, Grade 6 OL book 13 (blue book) pgs 2-16

    Gizmos correlated to Science GLE’s
    SC Level 7
    Gizmo – www.explorelearning.com

    Bohr Model of Hydrogen
    Bohr Model: Introduction
    Electron Configuration

    AIMS Chemistry Matters
    Chromatographic Circles (Chromatographic Colors booklet) page 40-48
    Chromatographic Colors booklet page 44-47
    Messing with Mixtures page 49-57
    Involving Dissolving page 65-70
    Watch it Burn (The Candle Flame Exposed booklet) page 71-86
    Product Testing page 92-102
    Feel the Heat page 103-110
    Flipping Over Ice Cream page 111-117
    Change Matters page 118-127
    Butter Battle page 139-144

    AIMS Electrical Connections
    Nature’s Light and Sound Show (Lightening comic strip & Sequencing Activity) page 27-37
    Lightening comic Strip page 35-36
    Lightening Sequencing Activity page 37
    Sparky’s Light Kit page 40-44
    Path Finders page 45-52
    Circuit Quiz Boards page 53-57
    Fiddling with Filaments (Who Turned on the Light booklet) page 58-66
    Who Turned on the Light booklet page 62-63
    Conductor or Insulator page 67-73
    Make a Dimmer Switch page 74-80
    Make a Switch booklet) page 81-86
    Circuit Breakers page 87-91
    Electric Circuits page 92-97
    Short Cuts page 98-103
    Put Your Name in Lights page 104-107
    The Electromagnetic Connection page 108-112
    Make a Galvanometer! Page 113-116
    How to Make an Electric Motor page 117-123

    COMPASS LEARNING for Struggling readers
    Different States of Matter 6837
    Phases of Matter 6861
    Changing States of Water 6865
    Chemical Changes in Matter 352, 736
    Physical Changes in Matter 723, 350
    Distinguish Types of Changes 744, 359

    Harcourt Science Vocab Cards 6