• SC 6 SG2.1

    (NOTE TO STAFF: Lead with conversations of the accuracy of data when an experiment is repeated (3 times). Allow time for multiple tests.)

    AIMS Electrical Connections
    Atoms page 1-7
    Static Strokes page 8-13
    Static Strokes Extension Activity page 38-39
    Different Strokes page 14-20
    Balance Your Charge Account page 21-26
    Nature’s Light and Sound Show (Lightening comic strip & Sequencing Activity) page 27-37
    Lightening comic Strip page 35-36
    Lightening Sequencing Activity page 37
    Sparky’s Light Kit page 40-44
    Path Finders page 45-52
    Circuit Quiz Boards page 53-57
    Fiddling with Filaments (Who Turned on the Light booklet) page 58-66
    Who Turned on the Light booklet page 62-63
    Conductor or Insulator page 67-73
    Make a Dimmer Switch page 74-80
    Make a Switch booklet) page 81-86
    Circuit Breakers page 87-91
    Electric Circuits page 92-97
    Short Cuts page 98-103
    Put Your Name in Lights page 104-107
    The Electromagnetic Connection page 108-112
    Make a Galvanometer! Page 113-116
    How to Make an Electric Motor page 117-123
    Electromagnets page 124-136
    Biographies page 137-147
    Charging in Time page 148-150
    Problem-Solving Activities for Challenge and Assessment page 159

    Aims Budding Botanist
    Enviroscape page 1-6
    Seed Facts page 7-8
    Seed Search page (Making a Balance Activity) page 9-16
    Making a Balance page 13
    Dissect a Seed page 17-22
    Seed Scavenger Hunt page 23-29
    Germination Study page 30-34
    Test a Seed page 35-39
    Exploring Germination page 40-44
    Comparing Germination page 45-50
    Seed Plants page 51-52
    Cones and Needles page 53-57
    History of a Tree (Instructional-History of a Tree) page 58-63
    History of a Tree Instructional info. page 61
    Observe a Tree page 64-71
    A Flower Study page 72-78
    Seeds From Fruits page 79-85
    Plant Structure Facts page 86
    Down Under (roots) page 87-91
    Herb and Woody page 92-97
    A Twig’s Story page 98-104
    Leaf Facts page 105-108
    Leaves page 109-114
    Keyed to Leaves page 115-121
    Leaf Printing (ART connection) page 122
    Photosynthesis page 123-128
    Transpiration page 129-134
    Cactus page 135-139
    New Plant Discovery! page 140-144
    Cell Facts page 145
    Model of a Cell (cookies) page 146-152
    Focus on Cells (microscope activity) page 153-160
    Your Fruits and Vegetables page 161-165

    Conduct an Experiment 6817
    Variables in an Experiment 6857
    Elements in an Investigation 6821
    Collecting and Displaying 6823
    Proving Scientific Experiments 6831

    COMPASS LEARNING for Struggling readers
    Identify the Problem 5644, 5645
    Plan the Experiment 5646, 5647
    Conduct Scientific Experiments 5648, 5649
    Collect and Organize Data 5650, 6751
    Record Observations 5652, 5653
    Unexpected Findings 5580, 5654, 5655
    Control Groups in Experiments 5656, 5657
    Time Line of Scientific Events 5658, 5659
    Questioning Strategies 519, 140, 142
    Simple Experiments 143
    Displaying Data 565
    Long-Term Investigations 521, 550

    (NOTE TO STAFF: Lead with conversations of the accuracy of data when an experiment is repeated (3 times). Allow time for multiple tests.)

    AIMS Overhead and Underfoot GR. 3-5

    Sunny Side Up (shadows) pg 1-4

    When It’s Hot, It’s Hot pg 5-7

    April Showers Bring May Flowers pg 8-12

    It’s in the Wind pg 13-18

    Highs and Lows pg 19-22

    Sherlock Combs the Yard pg 26-29

    Potato “Eye-deas” pg 30-34

    The Pumpkin Caper pg 35-40

    Color Me Safe (predators) pg 47-50

    Bitter Litter pg 51-53

    Pollution Solution pg 54-57

    Pet Rock pg 64-66

    Rock ‘n Rule pg 67-71

    What Makes Soil pg 72-73

    Don’t Mix Me Up (soil) pg 74-77

    Peanut Butter and Jelly Geology pg 78-83