• SC 6 SC3.1


    Harcourt Science Readers
    Plants and Plant Growth, Grade 6 BL Book 3 (red book)
    pgs. 2-7, 40, pgs 2-40

    Gizmos correlated to Science GLE’s
    SC Level 6
    Gizmo – www.explorelearning.com

    Food Chain
    Forest Ecosystem
    Interdependence of Plants and Animals
    Prairie Ecosystem

    Cell Energy Cycle
    Energy Conversions
    Freezing Point of Salt Water
    Interdependence of Plants and Animals
    Photosynthesis Lab
    Pond Ecosystem

    AIMS Budding Botanist
    Down Under (roots) page 87-91
    Leaf Facts page 105-108
    Leaves page 109-114
    Keyed to Leaves page 115-121
    Photosynthesis page 123-128 
    Transpiration page 129-134
    Cactus page 135-139
    New Plant Discovery! page 140-144
    Cell Facts page 145
    Model of a Cell (cookies) page 146-152
    Focus on Cells (microscope activity) page 153-160
    Your Fruits and Vegetables page 161-165

    Photosynthesis 6905
    Vascular System 6903
    Plant Vocabulary (terms) 6919
    Leaves, Stems, and Roots (functions) 6921

    COMPASS LEARNING for Struggling readers
    Function of Cell Parts 5551, 5552
    Reproduction of a Plant 5565, 5566
    Life Cycle of a Plant 5567, 5568
    Life Cycle of a Naked-Seed Plant (conifer cones) 5569, 5570
    Reproduction of Non-seed Plant (ferns, spores) 5573, 5574