SC 5 SD1.1

Harcourt Science Readers
The Rock Cycle, Grade 5 BL Book 7 (red book)
pgs 18-24, pgs 2-24

Changes to Earth's Surface, Grade 5 BL Book 9 (red book)
pgs 8-17, 28

Gizmos correlated to Science GLE’s
SC Level 5
Gizmo –

Solar System

District Performance Task
Suggested Prompt: Student uses the AIMS experiments, Brain pop, or Gizmo to learn about the rock cycle. Students record the results. The student displays the information or presents information to an audience/class. (chart, booklet, powerpoint, bulletin board, oral presentation, etc.)

COMPASS LEARNING for Struggling readers
Formation of Rocks 399, 447,
Composition of Rocks 446
Earth’s Natural Resources 752, 467
Origins of Small Rocks 3350, 3551
Weathering and Erosion 34012, 34002, 3555, 3554
Solid Earth 10110

Harcourt Science Vocab Cards 4, 5, 6