• SC 5 SA2.1

    AIMS Overhead and Underfoot GR. 3-5
    Sunny Side Up (shadows) pg 1-4
    When It’s Hot, It’s Hot pg 5-7
    April Showers Bring May Flowers pg 8-12
    It’s in the Wind pg 13-18
    Highs and Lows pg 19-22
    Muggy Days (relative humidity) pg 23-25
    Sherlock Combs the Yard pg 26-29
    Potato “Eye-deas” pg 30-34
    The Pumpkin Caper pg 35-40
    Bug Races pg 41-43
    Cartoon Critters pg 44-46
    Color Me Safe (predators) pg 47-50
    Bitter Litter pg 51-53
    Pollution Solution pg 54-57
    Pet Rock pg 64-66
    Rock ‘n Rule pg 67-71
    What Makes Soil pg 72-73
    Don’t Mix Me Up (soil) pg 74-77
    Peanut Butter and Jelly Geology pg 78-83