SC 4 SB1.1

Harcourt Science Reader

Matter and Its Properties, Grade 4 BL book 11 (red book)
pages 8-15, 24

Gizmos correlated to Science GLE’s
SC Level 4
Gizmo –

Phases of Water

[4] SB1.1 District Science Performance Task 
Suggested Prompt: Student orally, with the use of pictures, or with classroom objects identify and compare characteristics of gases, liquids, and solids. The student displays the information or presents information to an audience/class. (chart, booklet, powerpoint, bulletin board, oral presentation, etc.)

Chemical Changes in Matter 352, 736
Physical Changes in Matter 723, 350
Distinguish Types of Changes 744, 359

Harcourt Science Vocab Cards 4, 5, 6

AIMS Overhead and Underfoot GR. 3-5
It’s in the Wind pg 13-18
Highs and Lows pg 19-22