Science 3 SA1.2
AIMS Primarily Physics: Investigations in Sound, Light, and Heat Energy
Good Vibrations page 9-10
Vibration page 11-12
Vibration Stations page 13-16
The Lion That Roars page 17-20
Paper Cup Telephone page 21-25
The Beat of the Drum (instruction-types of drums, building drum directions) page 27-31
“Eggs Full of Sounds” (Safety Sounds &The Sounds of Jerome’s Day booklet) page 33-45
The Sounds of Jerome’s Day booklet page 40-45
Big Ears (Instruction-Ear diagrams) page 47-50
Point That Way page 51-53
Sound of Voices (Instruction Voice Box) page 55-60
Voice Box page 56
Light Sources page 63-65
Mirrors Reflect page 67-71
Magnify page 77-79
Prism Power page 81-83
The Eyes (instruction-Inside My Eye) page 93-98
Inside My Eye Instruction page 96-97
What is Hot and what is Cold? Page 103-105
What is the Temperature? Page 107-114
Hot or Cold? Page 115-117
Melt an Ice Cube page 119-124
Icy Hot page 125-129
Cool Changes page 131-134
Collapsing Cups (literacy connection – Goldilocks and the Three Bears) page 135-137
Cold Tin and Hot Hands page 139-141
Heat Moves page 143-145

AIMS Primarily Plants
Inside a Seed page 3-9
A Plant Begins page 18-23
It’s in the Bag page 24-34
Soak and Sprout page 35-42
Seed Sort page 43-49
The Seed Within page 50-56
Seed Soakers page 57-65
Seeds Travel page 66-72
Observing Bulbs page 73-78
Plants From Cuttings page 79-81
Spores: A Special Seed page 83-87
Which Soil Works Best? Page 88-92
Plants and Water page 93-96
Blue Ribbon Crops page 97-104
Plants and Sunlight page 105-108
Plants and Space page 109-112
Patchwork Planting page 113-119
What Do Plants Need to Grow page 120-125
What Temperature is Best? (for growing plants) page 126-138
What Do Plants Need? Booklet (instructional booklet) page 131-138
Reaching Up Toward the Sun page 139-148
Sunflower (instructional- history, growth and uses) page 143
The Story of a Sunflower (instructional booklet & vocab flash cards) page 144-148
People Need Plants page 149-152
Plant Parts (instructional sheet) page 153
Observe a Leaf page 154-159
Leaf Facts (instruction-types of leaves) page 158-159)
Leaf Safari page 160-166
Stem Study (instructional booklet) page 167-172
Super Tuber page 173-178
Root Study page 179-183
This is My Flower page 184-189

AIMS Primarily Earth
Primarily Earth Instruction page x
Geosphere Background Information page 1-2
Landforms page 3-6
The Earth’s Features (Earth craft project & Earth game cards) page 7-23
My Rock page page 24-31
Rock Groups page 32-37
Rocks and More Rocks page 38-45
Ice Breakers page 46-50
Ice Breakers (Instructional booklet) page 50
Agent Erosion (Instruction – Erosion) page 51-55
Soil Study (Instruction-Soil Study booklet) page 56-62
Soil Study Booklet page 59-62
Sandpile page 63-65
The Earth Has What We Need! page 66-74
The Earth Has What We Need! Reader’s Theater page 73
What’s Inside? page 75-79
Shakes and Quakes page 80-86
Volcanoes page 87-92
Where is Water? page 92-95
What Makes Rain? page 96-101
A Disappearing Act page 102-105
Water to Ice to Water page 106-109
Atmosphere (Instructional info.) page 110
A Close Look at Air page 111-115
Air is There page 116-119
The Wind Blows page 120-124
Which Way? page 125-127
Cloudy Weather page 128-134
Watching the Weather page 135-141
Air Temperature page 142-144