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  • Gusty Michael School closed this academic year with the promise of one more year, through the courage of the School Board.  The students of Gusty Michael School are leading the way to keeping thier school open with a donation of $8,000 to the School Board made in May of this year.  

    Gusty Michael School is not the only Alaskan school facing this challenge, but uniquely the students have chosen to step and and help find a solution. This next year will bring many challenges.  But, individually and collectively solutions will be found.  Sophomore, Elizabeth Willis has stepped up to give a speech at the annual meeting of TKC to share our plight.  Community members, Sheila Willis and David Bobby have stepped up to help keep the student store open over the summer.  Students of the school continue stocking shelves.  And, the student body has promised an additional $1,000 a month for utilities next year from the profits of their student store.  Stony River will not let their school close without a fight!
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