• Superintendent: James Anderson

    Dear KSD Families,   


    The coronavirus, known as COVID-19, is a significant topic of concern for the District and globally. Alaska currently has one confirmed case of this illness. To that end, please know your District is prepared. Here is helpful information for you to make informed decisions.


    Prevention Measures - The best defense against any contagious illness is frequent and effective handwashing. Based on guidance from healthcare professionals, masks are not allowed unless specifically coordinated with the school nurse, as they are generally not used appropriately by children.


    Family Actions:

    • Wash hands frequently
    • Use soap & water for 20 seconds; sing “Happy Birthday” or the “ABCs” to time the task
    • Use hand sanitizer when water is unavailable
    • Practice coughing/sneezing into the elbow or a tissue
    • Keep hands below the chin
    • Keep children home when sick

    KSD Actions:

    • Teach proper handwashing
    • Purchase hand sanitizer for use in schools
    • Suspend handshaking routines
    • Increase sanitization of schools and district vehicles
    • Educate all staff on current protocols
    • Suspend attendance awards
    • Encourage staff to stay home when sick


    District Closure Preparation - KSD has an Infectious Disease Plan in place, and schools are being provided the most up-to-date information. In an extreme situation, the District may need to close for a time. If a closure takes place, we want everyone to be prepared.


    If the District were to close, the effects to families and across our communities would be significant. Families should take the time to consider how a potential closure would impact their daily lives and take steps to plan ahead. Childcare, work/activity schedules, and other family logistics are a few areas that may be affected if KSD is forced to close.


    Family Actions:

    • Plan for short and long-term closures
      • Work schedules
      • Childcare
      • Activity Schedules
    • Know how to reach your child’s teacher(s) via email

    Kuspuk SD Actions:

    • Communicate regularly with our communities
      • Email
      • KSD website
      • Social media/text
      • Local media
    • Engage e-learning opportunities
    • Coordinate continuation of meal service for students in need
    • Plan for employee absences
    • Maintain facilities


    Travel Considerations - Due to the risk of contracting the virus or being isolated outside of Alaska, KSD is considering canceling all school sponsored domestic travel for students and staff through April 2020. In-state travel is not affected.


    During spring break, many KSD families & Staff may have personal vacation plans. We encourage them to stay current with the latest travel advisories and the specific status of their travel location. The CDC travel page has reliable and accurate information.


    Family Actions:

    • Monitor travel advisories
    • Plan for long-term stays
    • Check regularly for school updates and/or assignments
    • Inform your school of absences (stipulate illness, travel restriction, or isolation)

    KSD Actions:

    • Communicate regularly
    • Welcome students back to school
    • Reduce stigma related to travel locations
    • Be flexible with missed assignments
    • Manage fear and misinformation

    You may find these reputable websites useful in your effort to stay informed:

    • Alaska Department of Health and Social Services
    • Center for Disease Control


    KSD will keep you updated with new developments. Thank you for your continued engagement and cooperation.   




    Bernie Grieve



    Kuspuk School District