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  • Special Board Meeting (Meeting Notice)

    10:30am on Tuesday 9/28/2021

    Join by Dialing:  1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma), Meeting ID: 998 019 1977 


    School Survey Approval  (school condition assessments)

    • Sleetmute, Crooked Creek 61,978
    • Plus Weather Hold per Day 9,697 

    School Plane Repairs 

    • Wing, Fuselage and Stabilizer replacement 22,500
    • Labor costs, Painting 77,500
    • Time needed 3-9 months
    • Radio needs
      • Spider Track, Proximity Alert Repair          1,700-10,000
    • Total Cost Estimate (Plane, Survey) 163,678-181,675 

    School Condition Assessments are done so that KSD has a very good plan for taking care of the schools and can make informed decisions for priority. These assessments also help the State to make good decisions about prioritizing what they are going to fund. KSD is working on using grant money to fund the assessments and if that is not approved then CIP funds will be used.


    The School Plane needs repairs. The wings, fuselage and stabilizer parts will cost 22,500 dollars. The expected labor and painting is estimated at 77,500 dollars with 3-9 months to complete.

    Two radios need repair as well. The Spider Tracker that gives KSD a continuous tracking of where the plane is in real time and the Proximity Alert (lynx) that lets the pilot know where other planes in their location are. 

    At this time it is felt that the two can be repaired for 700 dollars with a shop fee of 1000 dollars a day. Estimated time is 1-2 days to repair. If the two radios need replacing the cost is 9000 for the two. The Spider tracker is 3000 and the Lynx is 3000. The same 1-2 days in the shop applies. This makes the cost from 1700-11,000 dollars. We will not know until the FAA licensed mechanic can look at the radios. 

    *KSD is working on using grant money to fund the repairs and if that is not approved then CIP funds will be used. 

    I have been speaking with a number of people about what would be best for KSD and plane use. This is considering the cost of the plane, annuals, maintenance, fuel, required replacement of items and so on. 

    It is the opinion of them that we sell the 207 and buy a 172 with the 180HP motor. This will give us an instant turn around of plane use with no down time for the District. KSD should also have a small surplus of money to be held for the next Annual that is needed. The time it takes to do an Annual on the 172 is much less and mostly only takes a week or less. The 207 is a much more complicated Annual process and it takes a few to several weeks each year for that process. 

     My opinion at this time is the following. 

    1. Sell the 207 at 100,000-120,000 dollars
    2. Buy the 172 at 80,000-90,000 thousand dollars
    3. A surplus of 20,000-30,000 to have for Annuals or other plane needs