• Dear Crooked Creek Parents and Guardians,
    At this time we are unsure when or if our current “normal” school year will resume. We need to
    be clear about the expectations for our students and their educational needs.

    • This is the plan that we at Johnny John Sr School will be starting on April 6th,2020.
    • Until this time students should keep a personal reading journal.
      These journals will be collected on April 6th, 2020 when we hand out new packets for each
    • These packets will include lessons and worksheets that the student will be able to do at
    • The plan is to hand out the packets on Monday and collect them on Friday.
    • Each packet will have 5 days of work.
    • It is my understanding that material for the secondary students will also include a textbook for appropriate classes.

    Please understand that these lessons may be a little easier than usual as we are unable to provide
    direct instruction at this time. But they are still valuable lessons to keep your student mentally
    involved with learning and developing good school habits and behaviors.

    Currently, I am in Anchorage taking medical treatment.

    Hopefully, I can return by the end of
    next week and then self-isolate but still be able to provide coverage for my students.
    Please note Ben and other staff are still present in the village and can either pass along your
    questions and concerns or provide you with an answer to your question.

    Thank you!
    Perry Duncan and JJSS Staff.