• Special Education Director

    Madeline Aguillard

    Email: maguillard@kuspuk.org

    Phone: (907)675-4250 ext. 124

    Mailing Address:

    Kuspuk School District
    PO Box 49
    Aniak, AK  99557 

    During mandated school building closures, Kuspuk School District continues to recognize all students have the right to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment. Our priorities are the health and safety of all students, school personnel, and staff. In addition, we commit to providing an appropriate, accessible, and accommodated education program to all students by using all available resources to create a meaningful remote/distance learning experience. 

    KSD Department of Special Education recognizes our partnership with parents is more important than ever. We must work together to design and implement effective programs for students with disabilities. All KSD special education teachers have collaborated with the general education teachers to ensure the work and activities being sent home meet the needs of students receiving special education services. Additionally, teachers have attempted to contact the families of students receiving special education services. Kuspuk families, if you have not received contact regarding special education plans for your student, please contact the director of special education, maguillard@kuspuk.org or (907)675-4250 ext. 224. 

    Together, we will work as partners to support the needs of all students across the district.