SC 11 SD1.2

Gizmos correlated to Science GLE’s
SC Level 11
Gizmo –

Rock Cycle
Water Cycle

**ILP or class Performance Task or Senior Project – score with a scoring guide or Scientific Process Checklist

AIMS Earth Book
Accounting for Water (Accounting for Water booklet) page 1-9
Accounting for Water booklet page 7-8
Hydrosphere booket page 9-13
Uses for Water page 14-20
Shake and Suds (Hard Water booklet) page 21-28
Hard Water booklet page 27
Sea Salt page 29-37
The Water Scale (Thermocline booklet) page 38-46
Thermocline booklet page 45-46
Temperature Layers of the Ocean (Activity cards) page 47-54
Temperature Layers of the Ocean Activity cards page 51
Down to the Sea page 55-61
Vertical Ocean Currents (Ocean Motion booklet) page 62-68
Ocean Motion booklet page 62
Horizontal Ocean Currents page 69-74
Colorful Currents page 80

Life and the Cycles that Affect Life (water, carbon, nitrogen cycles)
Energy in an Ecosystem

COMPASS LEARNING for Struggling readers
(NOTE TO STAFF: check for relevance to topic)
Water Cycle 10109
Formation of Rocks 399, 447
Earth’s Natural Resources 752, 467
People/Earth Interaction 232
Amount of Water 3552, 3553
Solid Earth 10110
Weathering and Erosion 34012, 34002, 3555, 3554
Amount of Water 3352, 3553