SC 11 SD1.1

Gizmos correlated to Science GLE’s
SC Level 11
Gizmo –

Rock Cycle

**ILP or class Performance Task or Senior Project – score with a scoring guide or Scientific Process Checklist

AIMS Earth Book
Rocking the Cycle booklet page 213-215
Settling on Sediments (Sedimentary Rocks info sheets) page 216- 223
Sedimentary Rocks info sheets page 220-221
Sedimentary Stories (Sedimentary Rocks activities) page 224-236
Settling the Record booklet page 227
Sedimentary Stories info. page 228
Sedimentary Sequence activity page 230-235
Metamorphic Munchies (Metamorphic Rocks info. sheet) page 237-244
Metamorphic Rocks info. sheet page 241
Cool Crystals (Igneous Rock info. sheet) page 245-252
Igneous Rock info. sheet page 249
Tri to Analyze Soil page 253-259

COMPASS LEARNING for Struggling readers
Formation of Rocks 399, 447
Composition of Rocks 446
Earth’s Natural Resources 752, 467
Origins of Small Rocks 3350, 3551
Weathering and Erosion 34012, 34002, 3555, 3554
Solid Earth 10110

Harcourt Science Vocab Cards 6