SC 4 SD4.2

AIMS Electrical Connections
Atoms page 1-7
Static Strokes page 8-13
Static Strokes Extension Activity page 38-39
Different Strokes page 14-20
Balance Your Charge Account page 21-26
Nature’s Light and Sound Show (Lightening comic strip & Sequencing Activity) page 27-37
Lightening comic Strip page 35-36
Lightening Sequencing Activity page 37
Sparky’s Light Kit page 40-44
Path Finders page 45-52
Circuit Quiz Boards page 53-57
Fiddling with Filaments (Who Turned on the Light booklet) page 58-66
Who Turned on the Light booklet page 62-63
Conductor or Insulator page 67-73
Make a Dimmer Switch page 74-80
Make a Switch booklet) page 81-86
Circuit Breakers page 87-91
Electric Circuits page 92-97
Short Cuts page 98-103
Put Your Name in Lights page 104-107
The Electromagnetic Connection page 108-112
Make a Galvanometer! Page 113-116
How to Make an Electric Motor page 117-123
Electromagnets page 124-136

AIMS Budding Botanist
Enviroscape page 1-6
Seed Search page (Making a Balance Activity) page 9-16
Dissect a Seed page 17-22
Seed Scavenger Hunt page 23-29
Germination Study page 30-34
Exploring Germination page 40-44
Comparing Germination page 45-50
Cones and Needles page 53-57
History of a Tree (Instructional-History of a Tree) page 58-63
A Flower Study page 72-78
Seeds From Fruits page 79-85
Down Under (roots) page 87-91
Herb and Woody page 92-97
A Twig’s Story page 98-104
Leaf Facts page 105-108
Leaves page 109-114
Photosynthesis page 123-128
Transpiration page 129-134
Cactus page 135-139
New Plant Discovery! page 140-144
Cell Facts page 145
Model of a Cell (cookies) page 146-152
Focus on Cells (microscope activity) page 153-160
Your Fruits and Vegetables page 161-165

AIMS Overhead and Underfoot GR. 3-5
Sunny Side Up (shadows) pg 1-4
When It’s Hot, It’s Hot pg 5-7
April Showers Bring May Flowers pg 8-12
It’s in the Wind pg 13-18
Highs and Lows pg 19-22
Sherlock Combs the Yard pg 26-29
Potato “Eye-deas” pg 30-34
The Pumpkin Caper pg 35-40
Color Me Safe (predators) pg 47-50
Bitter Litter pg 51-53
Pollution Solution pg 54-57
Pet Rock pg 64-66
Rock ‘n Rule pg 67-71
What Makes Soil pg 72-73
Don’t Mix Me Up (soil) pg 74-77
Peanut Butter and Jelly Geology pg 78-83