SC 4 SB2.1

Gizmos correlated to Science GLE’s

SC Level 4
Gizmo –

Energy Conversions

Conduction and Convection

[4] SB2.1 District Science Performance Task
Suggested Prompt: Student uses the AIMS experiments, Brain pop, or Gizmo to learn about insulating and conducting materials. Students record the results. The student displays the information or presents information to an audience/class. (chart, booklet, powerpoint, bulletin board, oral presentation, etc.)

AIMS Electrical Connections
Conductor or Insulator page 67-73
Sparky’s Light Kit page 40-44
Path Finders page 45-52
Circuit Quiz Boards page 53-57
Fiddling with Filaments (Who Turned on the Light booklet) page 58-66
Who Turned on the Light booklet page 62-63
Make a Dimmer Switch page 74-80
Make a Switch booklet) page 81-86
Circuit Breakers page 87-91
Electric Circuits page 92-97
Short Cuts page 98-103
Put Your Name in Lights page 104-107
The Electromagnetic Connection page 108-112
Make a Galvanometer! Page 113-116
How to Make an Electric Motor page 117-123
Electromagnets page 124-136

COMPASS LEARNING for Struggling readers

Heat as Energy 365
Measurement 716, 340