SC 3 SD4.3

AIMS Primarily Physics: Investigations in Sound, Light, and Heat Energy
Magnify page 77-79
The Eyes page 93-98

AIMS Primarily Plants
Seed Sort page 43-49
Seed Travel page 66-72
Spores: A Special Seed page 83-86
Observe a Leaf page 154-159
Leaf Safari page 160-165
Root Study page 179-183
This is My Flower page 184-189

AIMS Primarily Earth
My Rock page 24-31
Rocks Groups page 32-37
Rocks and More Rocks page 38-45
Soil Study (Instruction-Soil Study booklet) page 56-62
Soil Study Booklet page 59-62
Sandpile page 63-65
The Earth Has What We Need! Page 66-74
The Earth Has What We Need! Reader’s Theater page 73