SC 3 SB3.1

Harcourt Science Reader
Properties of Matter, Grade 3, BL book 11 (red book)
pgs 10-17, 24

Gizmos correlated to Science GLE’s
SC Level 3
Gizmo –

Phases of Water

AIMS Primarily Physics: Investigations in Sound, Light, and Heat Energy
Melt an Ice Cube page 119-124
Icy Hot page 125-129
Cool Changes page 131-132
Juice-sicles page 133-134
Collapsing Cups (literacy connection – Goldilocks and the Three Bears) page 135-137
Heat Moves page 143-145

AIMS Primarily Earth
Ice Breakers page 46-50
Ice Breakers (Instructional booklet) page 50
Agent Erosion (Instruction – Erosion) page 51-55
Volcanoes page 87-92
What Makes Rain? page 96-101
A Disappearing Act page 102-105
Water to Ice to Water page 106-109